One of the highlights of the holiday season is the television Christmas specials that remind of us of the magic of this time of year, and none more than my Throwback Thursday memory.

The year was 1965, it was a time when you had to be in front of the set to watch these shows, video recording devices were not available yet, so if you were not able to watch it live, you had to wait another year.

We would see the ads on TV, reminding us when and where we could see these shows, so it was an event for most of us during those days.

Much of the anticipation and excitement is missing with this generations children, and although families continue to watch the shows, kids are over stimulated with computer graphics and HD animation.

Whenever I watch these specials it always takes me back to our house on the east side of Binghamton, and much simpler times, where the true religions meaning of Christmas was told through the eyes of an 8 year old named Linus, and a group of excited children shouted 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown'

Enjoy Throwback Thursday memory, and check out some video clips and an inside story on how the special was actually made.

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