The final episode ran over 20 years ago, ending its 5 season run of 97 time traveling adventures with Dr Sam Beckett and his Hologram Al Calavicci.

The show debuted on March 26 1989 and featured Scott Bakula as the lead character Sam who time traveled through his lifetime to different years and occupied the body of another person until he could correct some mistake within that persons life, then he would leap into another body in time.

Dean Stockwell played Al who was a hologram from the presence time but could talk to Sam and see what was going on.

There were some campy moments and the catch phrases "Oh Boy' and Al's one liners.

I am a big fan of time travel shows and I really liked the show, but was not fond of how it ended, I'll leave it at that in case you plan on watching the series sometime.

My Throwback Thursday Memory for this week is Quantum Leap.

Check out a few video clips from the show

Oh Boy

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