Yesterday afternoon, news broke of the passing of Penny Marshall. She died in Hollywood at the age of 75. CNN reported that she died due to complications from diabetes.

When I was a kid, "Happy Days" was one of my favorite shows. I remember seeing Laverne & Shirley making an appearance on "Happy Days" and I thought they were really funny.

Penny's brother Gary Marshall was the creator of "Happy Days" and decided to give his sister and co-star Cindy Williams their own spin-off from "Happy Days" call "Laverne & Shirley". (Continue scrolling for more)

I remember getting excited on Tuesdays when I was young because I got to watch "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley" back-to-back.

Laverne & Shirley had a great cast, besides Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, there were the characters Lenny, and Squiggy, and The Big Ragu. It was a very funny show that we watched together as a family.

I remember going to school on Wednesdays and everybody in class would be talking about the funniest moments from both shows the night before.

Penny Marshall went on to work as a film producer and director and worked very successful productions such as; "A League of Their Own", the movie "Big", both featuring Tom Hanks, and "Awakenings" with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro to name a few.

Rest in peace Penny Marshall and thank you for supplying laughter to our lives.

[via CNN]

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