The show that brought real issues to prime time viewers, and there will never be a television series like it.

From January 12, 1971 to April 8, 1979, we were treated to 30 minutes with Archie Bunker and his family each week. That included his dimwitted wife, Edith, referred to by Archie as a 'Dingbat', his daughter Gloria, and her husband Mike, who was unemployed and of polish decent, Archie calls him a 'Meathead'.

How would you explain this show to today's generation of TV viewers? A show where the main character makes fun of black people, Jews, gays, feminists, and pretty much every stupid stereotype we frown upon today.

The show worked because Archie was the butt of the jokes, and it was hilarious.

'All In The Family' had four spin offs including, 'Archie Bunkers Place', 'The Jefferson's', and 'Maude and Gloria'.

Now 'stifle yourselves', and check out some of the funniest moments on video below.

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