The show debuted in September of 1964 to 1969 and was a spin-off from the Andy Griffith Show and featured Jim Nabors as a not too smart Marine from Mayberry, NC.

The character was first introduced in the third season of the Andy Griffith Show to replace the character actor Howard McNear who played Floyd the Barber and had left the show for a period of time due to health reasons.

When McNear's character returned, Andy Griffith proposed a show based on the Pyle Character.and the show took off and ran for 5 seasons on CBS.

Andy Griffith had several appearances on the show along with a few characters from the original sitcom.

Gomer Pyle has a great supporting cast Ronnie Schell as Duke Slater, Allan Melvin as Sgt Hacker, Barbara Stuart as Bunny, Elizabeth MacRae as Lou-Ann Poovie.

The best supporting actor was Frank Sutton as Sgt Vince Carter, the chemistry he had with Nabors character was hilarious and at times endearing.

I loved the show and have a few seasons on DVD, it's always fun to watch a few episodes and it's still funny today.

My 'Throwback Thursday' memory is 'Gomer Pyle USMC'

Check out some video clips including the show opening, and the final scene of the last show plus a few full episodes.