What do witches, rabbits, and dinosaurs have in common?

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The answer? According to Google's highly scientific data-gathering website, Frightgeist, witches, rabbits, and dinosaurs are the top three most-searched-for Halloween costumes this year in the United States.

For several years, Google has released results from its special “Google Frightgeist” website which gives people a look at the 500 most popular costumes across the United States but the data doesn't end there- Google Frightgeist also lets people know what costumes are being searched for the most right where they live.

In addition to witches, rabbits, and dinosaurs, Spider-man and Cruella De Vil round out the top five most searched-for Halloween costumes in America in 2022.

How about locally though? What Halloween costumes are people searching for the most in the Binghamton area?

According to Google Frightgeist, the top searched costume in Binghamton isn't any of the costumes in the top five nationwide. As a matter of fact, only five other towns in the United States also had this particular costume as its top-searched costume is a cheerleader! That's right - cheerleader is the top searched-for Halloween costume in Binghamton for 2022.

On Halloween night, expect to see a bunch of witches, Spider-Mans, fairies, dinosaurs, and Stranger Things characters because those are Binghamton's top searched-for costumes outside of cheerleader costumes.

Elsewhere in New York, people are breaking away from the norm and searching for what can only be called "interesting" costume ideas like dolls in Elmira, cattle in Utica, cows in Plattsburg, and pumpkins in Watertown.

We couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that cows and cattle are costumes some places in New York are searching for but they're in good company with other top-searched costumes in places like Rapid City, South Dakota where their top search is Vikings. And in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the top searched costume is "The Rennaisance."

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