Many parents found out what really went on in their kid's schools during the pandemic. I got to see for myself how remote learning affected our children. My daughter struggled some and I'm thankful that she has graduated and can move on from that experience.

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I think the parents got the real education during that time. I'm happy that schools in New York have gone back to in person teaching...until at least the Thanksgiving break. So with kids back in school, what's the best way that parents can help their children?

Dr. Diane Sekeres is an assistant professor of education at The University of Alabama and here are ways that parents can help their children.

Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Do Their Best In School

Pay attention to the information that comes home every day in your child's backpack. If anything needs to be returned or forms need to be completed, be sure that they are returned promptly.

Check every day to make sure your child has completed the assignments. Make sure homework and other assignments are in the backpack to they are handed in on time.

Work with your child to plan ahead for projects. This will help them with the stress of too-little time. It will also teach them to organize time and tasks.

Offer encouragement to your child's teacher. Letting your kid's teacher know that you've noticed about your child's learning and growth. An encouraging word can make all the difference and it helps keep the line of communication open between the two of you.

Come visit the classroom. Take a day when you can eat lunch with your child or volunteer to help out. I was fortunate enough to eat lunch with my daughter, Tara, when she was in elementary school. It's one of my favorite memories.

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