Law enforcement officials are reminding residents to be aware of Halloween activities this weekend that may not be confined to the day itself.

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Authorities report increased activity for older revelers around area bars already while more trick-or-treaters were expected to be out in neighborhoods Sunday as pandemic restrictions have eased and families feel more comfortable going door-to-door.

Graphic provided by Binghamton Police Department

Many communities and groups are hosting safe “Trunk or Treat” events through the weekend while homeowners are reminded they have options for giving out treats including long-handled delivery devices, chutes down bannisters or just leaving treats out, relying on the honor system and lots of extra candy for the trick-or-treaters who are more greedy monsters.

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Even though trick-or-treat is naturally social-distanced and outdoors, children and adults are encouraged to wear appropriate face coverings aside from costume masks, wash hands frequently and, of course, check all treats before consuming.

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