I asked listeners through our Facebook page this question - "For those of you who have been in the Twin Tiers for a long time, I need your input. Can you name one thing you miss from our area that current generations are missing out on? It could be an event, experience, restaurant, or anything that you enjoyed which is no longer around."

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I did not expect the number of responses that came in. Wow, and thank you. Some really great Twin Tiers memories. These are things the younger generation will never get to enjoy, but fortunately, many of us older generations did.

Some of the things mentioned the most included Pat Mitchell's Ice Cream, Pops On The River, the Yegatta Regatta, Philly sales (and that delicious popcorn), Triple Cities Triplets, and the drive-ins.

Take a look at some of these memories from the Twin Tiers. Do you remember these?

  • Todd P. - Pops on the River and Regatta Regatta.
  • Sherrie F. - Barbara Moss, I can't remember the name of a soda maker in Binghamton. All different flavors of soda, and Peter, Peter paper eater.
  • Kimberly Z. - The Vestal Steakhouse.
  • Karen D. - Randells Roller Skating Rink.
  • Angela C. The First Ward swimming pool and the cool upper deck. So much fun back in the early to mid-70s!
  • Niki B. - Pat Mitchell's.
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
  • Michael O. - The gazebo at the old Burger King in the mall.
  • Dylan A. - Old Country Buffet.
  • Nancy F. - Definitely all the amazing shops that were on Washington Ave in the ’60s thru the ’90s!
  • Ken C.- Carols Hamburger Stand on upper Court Street.
  • Nancy F. - Fried clam night at Howard Johnson!
  • Marcia K. - The Pig Stand.
  • Kim R. - Fireman Field Days.
  • R Bruce B. - Safe streets after dark.
  • Sita M. - Randall's Roller Rink.
  • Jeana O. - EJ shoe dept store.
  • Doris M. - The train at Ross Park Zoo.
  • Jeannie M. - Family Bargain Center.
  • Scott D. - Conklin Sports Park.
  • Jo N. - Brother’s 2 Restaurant, The Keg in Endicott, Woody’s Record Shop, Great stores in the mall, movie theater in the mall.
  • Marcia R. - The Bull’s Head.
The Bull's Head
  • Michele B. - Izzard's, the tea room. My gram and I need to have lunch there.
  • Christina S. - Skyline Park.
  • Jill B. - Super busy Oakdale Mall shopping at Christmas time..like had to park across the street because it was so busy!
  • Lourie M. - Fuskos Restaurant. They gave you bibs so the sauce did not get on your clothes.
  • Dave D.- Parisi's Twin Freeze.
  • Sharon K.- Longfellow Elementary School on Pennsylvania Ave. Went there from K - 6th grade. Loved that school.
  • Diane S. - Sharkey's Spiedies!!
Sharkey's Restaurant
Google Streetview
  • Dave K. - Endicott Johnson Horse Track, Casino & Park behind UE High School Area.
  • Matthew W/ - Actual dine-in Pizza Huts. 
  • Chad H. - Midnight mass at St. Cyril’s in Slovak. 
  • James S. - All the stores downtown around Christmas time. All decorated up.
  • Krisztina M. - Smart play USA! When Spiedie Fest used to be at the small airport in Endicott!!
  • Valerie S. - Parades. We use to have a Binghamton Memorial Day Parade, Binghamton Veterans Day Parade, Binghamton, Johnson City Christmas Parade, and Binghamton Halloween Parade.

  • Tom S. - I've heard stories of some school in town that was uphill from any direction that also used to get frequent snow. Or Disc-Go-Round.
  • Jeorganne D. - Mohegan grocery store. Also Weeks and Dickinson Music Store.
  • Keith H. - Respect, Morals...and maybe Ponderosa.
  • Gary L. - Waverly Race Days, Waverly Cheese Festival, Sayre Arts in the Park, Fraley's Park, Skyline Park, Shangri-la race track.
  • Jim C. - The Broome Dusters and The James E. Strait Shows Carnival in West Endicott!
  • Tara D. - Taylor’s Tiny Town. 
  • Johnathan A. - Places like the IBM Country Club & Fountains Pavillion.
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)
  • DarlinDarla G. - Safe streets to stroll down at any time.  Woolworths, McCrorys, Phillies Popcorn...the simple life...the fun-spirited people & dances.
  • Tiffani R. - Chi-chi’s.
  • Lindsey W. - Theos and Lanes.
  • Judi W. - Lou Rappaports hardware store on Front Street.
  • Paul L. - Country Bob's on Court Street.
  • Mike C. -  Magic City Music Hall.
  • Colleen B. - Well, when I was in high school, that Arena was rocking!
  • Lisa B. - Drive-in theaters.
  • Nancy W. - Triple Cities Jets.
  • Corey Y. - PMP Deli in JC.
  • Shauna B. - Washington Ave Towne Theater. Z Pool.
  • John K. - Aladdin's Castle.
  • Darlene L. - The Argo, best Baklava ever!
  • Mary K. - Fowler's, Grants, Woolworths, Montgomery Wards, Sears....oh so many!
  • Sandi H. - Record hops. As a teen, they were soo much fun.
Record Hop
  • Bill H. - Elks bakery! The Cinema in Union! House of Yu!!
  • Eileen - Polka dancing at the Polish Home.
  • Denise L. - Riding the Bull on Upper Court Street or hanging out at Country Pines.
  • Sean W. - Prontos and the Grand Way.
  • Louis T. - Johnson Field home of The Triplets AAA Yankee baseball farm team.
  • Rich S. - Clinton Street run.
  • Tim P. - Mill Hill.
  • Tomm S. - Concerts at the Arena.
Google Maps
Google Maps
  • Corey S. - Philly Sales/Sugarmans.
  • Maryann B. - Pinos Restaurant. Was on Conklin Ave. It was the best!
  • Connie T. - B Mets YES Day.
  • Gabe E. - Northgate Speedway.
  • Michelle T. - Cosmo's Restaurant on old Riverside Drive in Johnson City.
Cosmo's Restaurant
Google Maps Street View

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