As I research the best way for me to slim down, I have read the craziest things about diet and exercise! Last week I read that cleanses are good, then bad. Now I hear that diets don't help you keep weight off. What do we believe?

As I sit here writing, two stories came across my desk: the first (out of University Rennes, France) says that as long as you start exercising around age 40, you will be in good shape. Doing so in your 20's and 30's isn't necessary.

The second one, from the UK Daily Mail, says that tapping on your pressure points when you get a craving and addressing (out loud) your stress issue at the time will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Things are so nutty in the world of weight loss! I think most of us have tried at least 6 programs in our lifetime, but have any worked? If they have, we want to know about it, so share! And if there was a program you tried that was a complete train wreck, share it!

I am about to embark on try number, who knows, and I am going to approach it as just thinking, exercising, and eating logically. The trick is, it will be a rest of my life deal.



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