I'm convinced that we've all done it, even the most health-conscious people. We've bought and consumed frozen dinners.

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I'd like to pretend that I'm the perfect mom who only ever feeds my kid organic, fresh food all of the time, but sometimes life happens and sometimes (not all the time before you go thinking I'm awful), I reach for a personal size frozen mac and cheese or pot pie and serve that to my son for dinner. Does it make me an awful person? Am I failing my child? No. I am a wife, mom, daughter, employee, and friend, and sometimes juggling all that I have to means that making an elaborate meal falls by the wayside.

I have no judgment toward anyone who, on occasion, reaches for a frozen entrée either for themselves or their family but if you're someone who would rather grab a frozen dinner that's not completely filled with gunk, then you might want to take a peek at this list of the worst of the worst frozen dinners and maybe try to avoid them.

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