As food prices remain exuberantly high, more and more New Yorkers are looking for ways to stretch their dollar at the grocery store and make the items they’re purchasing stretch as they try to feed their families.

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People are substituting name-brand foods for generic ones and are forgoing buying food items that were once pantry staples. They’re also getting clever about food substitutions while watching costs.

Another way that New Yorkers are helping to stretch the foods they’re able to afford is by turning to meal prepping as a way to reduce food waste.

The people at MyProtein wanted to take a look at how and why more and more people in the United States are turning to meal prepping and they discovered that New York is among the top states in the country where people carefully plan and prepare meals for their week ahead.

New York ranks number six in the United States for meal prepping with more than half of residents, 62 percent, saying that they meal prep multiple times a week.

The time spent meal prepping not only helps to stretch money spent on store-bought groceries but New Yorkers love a good home-cooked meal. 56 percent of New Yorkers say they would rather enjoy a meal cooked at home than they would enjoy going out to eat. 64 percent of New Yorkers also say they would rather a home-cooked meal that uses fresh ingredients over one that is made from frozen ingredients.

While more than half of New Yorkers prefer a homecooked meal, younger New Yorkers are not big fans of meal prepping with 44.7 percent of people who are part of Generation Z saying that prepping a meal in advance takes away from the quality of the meal.

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