It's St. Patrick's Day again. The day where everyone is Irish and we celebrate by drinking green beer and Irish Whiskey. It's also the day a lot of people will eat corned beef and cabbage, or ham if you are not a corned beef fan, and maybe some soda bread. We wear green, and we are supposed to pinch people that aren't wearing green (I don't do this). We talk like a leprechaun, and maybe after a few drinks will even try an Irish jig. Today is supposed to be a fun day and being that it's on a Friday, I'm sure it will be a wild night for a lot of people.

According to Wallet Hub, 56% of people will partake in St. Paddy day celebrations. 83% of them will wear green. The report also says a total of 5.3 Billion dollars will be spent celebrating this year, that's just about 38 dollars per person and 13 million pints of Guinness will be downed today..

I know I will have a couple green beers tonight. If you do, please know when to say when. Don't drink and drive so you can live to see March 18th.

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