It all began with an anonymous letter from a frustrated neighbor who didn't like Scott Varcadipane's front yard 12-foot skeleton decoration and just like that, Endwell instantly became home to the most famous plastic skeleton in the country.

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In December of 2020, Varcadipane went to his mailbox and discovered a note from a neighbor who claimed that Brosi the Skeleton had ruined Christmas for them and demanded the decoration be taken down immediately. Varcdipane had other ideas.

Instead of taking down Boris, Varcdipane decided to leave Boris up and added another decoration - a sign that read: “Dear Karen. My name is Boris. I love all holidays now.”

Boris the Skeleton has a worldwide fan base and sports a variety of costumes and accompanying decorations all through the year. Oh, and he also gives back.

In January of 2020, Varcadipane was working as an electrician at Johnson City Middle School when he was involved in a terrible accident. Ed Gee was coaching a basketball game at the school, heard Varcadipane's screams for help, and saved his life.

Varcadipane hasn't taken his second chance at life for granted and felt strongly that he needed to find a way to use the popularity of Boris the Skeleton to give back. Since, Varcadipane and his finance, Samantha Dalla-Verde, have sold a variety of Boris the Skeleton merchandise such as t-shirts and bumper stickers to raise money for local charities including Willow's Wings and Mercy House of the Southern Tier. The couple also used Boris' popularity to help collect school supplies for Johnson City Middle school, a small way to say thank you to the coach who saved Varcadipane's life.

Fresh off the heels of Binghamton's Parade Day and the Hillcrest St. Patrick's Day parade and in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, Endwell's world-famous Boris the Skeleton is embracing his inner Irishman.

Endwell’s Famous Boris the Skeleton Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Endwell's world-famous Boris the Skeleton is embracing his inner Irishman. 

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