You know what the world needs? Yeah, you do. As a matter of fact, I'm sure that you could think of a whole bunch of colorful words to describe what the world needs, but today we're going to focus on just one word: lightheartedness.

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Listen, with the amount of ugly in the world today and the amount of depression and awful news and hopeless scenarios, the world needs a bit of lighthearted relief. One  Endwell family has attempted to bring a smile to those driving by their home on Country Club Road but their attempt to entice laughter in our community has been met with negativity from someone who only goes by the name "Citizen."

Scott Varcadipane lives at the house many refer to as "Boris the Skeleton's house." If you've driven down Country Club Road, you've seen Boris - he's impossible to miss. As a matter of fact, the first time I drove by, I turned my car around to drive by again because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and laughed so hard.

Boris is a giant (literally) twelve-foot tall skeleton that Scott and his finance put up last Halloween, and the response to Boris was so great that they decided to keep him around even after the Halloween holiday, incorporating him into their Christmas decorations.

Scott wasn't sure how long he would actually keep Boris the Skeleton up, but then one day he got a letter in the mail from "Citizen" complaining about the oversized skeleton and decided then and there that Boris would stay.

via Scott Varcadipane
via Scott Varcadipane

Whether "Citizen" likes it or not, Boris the Skeleton is not going anywhere (we hope). As a matter of fact, Boris has a growing group of followers who keep up with his antics on Facebook and on Instagram. We thought that we would share with you some of our favorite Boris the Skeleton moments, so take a peek, and then the next time you drive by him on Country Club Road, give a honk to let his owners know you dig what they're doing.

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