Happy Birthday, U.S.A.! Happy 4th of July to you! On this day, we celebrate our independence. Never take it for granted.

Fireworks background for 4th of July

In addition, we are solidly into the summer season (my favorite), school is out for the young ones, it's vacation time, the sun is shining (hopefully) and the outside temperature feels great except for those 90-degree days with high humidity. Still, hey, it could be cold and snowy!

Remember back in the day (here I go again) when all businesses closed for the holidays? How did we ever survive?

We Are Closed Sign

What Places Are Closed On July 4th?

So, what's open and closed on this holiday? Well, your local DMV offices will be taking the day off, as will all government offices. Mail? Nope. Banks, closed. Use the ATM, or as I like to drive my wife crazy by calling it the ATM machine.

According to USA Today, July 4th will mean no FedEx pickup or delivery, as well as UPS pickup and delivery services. UPS store locations will probably be closed, Check with your local store location for details. How about Amazon? Well, that package will have to wait until July 5th or whatever your delivery date is scheduled to be.

Plenty of local offices and businesses will be closed, but not all.

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Vintage processing of an open for business sign in small town America.

Okay, So Who Is Open on July 4th?

Most major/national/regional department, sports, home improvement, and grocery stores will be open, but they may have shortened hours. Most convenient stores/gas stations are open on July 4th. Many local/chain restaurants will be open, but not all, so check before heading out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Your favorite watering hole? Most will have a seat at the bar ready for you. Basically, you will find more businesses open on Independence Day than closed, but check before heading out.

And your favorite radio station will be open for business. We never close! Happy 4th of July. Enjoy another day of living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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