I hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July holiday. It's just a bit weird when a holiday fells in the middle of a work week. Don't know about you, but I get my days all mixed up.

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Speaking of the 4th of July, there's no other holiday that celebrates with a rousing fireworks as much as Independence day does. There's no denying that a good, colorful fireworks show is an amazing thing to watch.

I have to admit, that while I like to watch a fireworks show, I'm not what you would call a normal fan. I guess most of that comes from the sound of fireworks, or more specifically the loudness.

I have never dealt well with loud noises that catch me off guard. There's one type of fireworks that I remember as a kid, that went up almost silently, and then would just shake your inner core when it went off when you least expected it. My issue, I guess.

I've noticed lately that some communities around the country (and probably around the world as well) are substituting a fireworks display with a drone display. I have to admit, the drone shows I observed on various video site, look pretty amazing. What is a drone show? Well, take a look below:

But should these drone shows become the fireworks of the future? I don't know about that. Many Americans are pretty attached to a traditional fireworks show. So, I recently asked on social media, what would you prefer - a traditional fireworks show or a show featuring several drones that can morph into an many shapes and colors.

Surprisingly, I received more votes for a drone show than I thought, about 40 percent voted for a drone show over a fireworks show. But the reasons were valid.

Tyler M. commented and put it into perspective -

I’ve always loved fireworks, especially on the fourth, but after the past four or five nights, watching my dog literally shaking in fear, it’s broken my heart. I’d vote drones for the sole purpose of animals and folks with PTSD, or people who have to wake up early.

Yes, I too have to get up early and didn't get much sleep on the evening of July 4th, but more importantly, two of my dogs had a rough night, not only on the 4th, but in the days leading up to the 4th when neighbors were setting off fireworks. Then there is the concern for the possibility of starting a wildfire.

Shannon S. commented as well - 

Drone shows are so much more versatile and interactive. And safer!

Corky W. - votes for a fireworks show, and makes a good point about the finale - 

While a good (drone) show would be neat, you just can't beat a good fireworks show. The best show I ever saw was in France. They had barges off shore with the fireworks. It was all timed perfectly with music that was blasted along the shore. A drone show just can't do justice to the grand finale.

La C. and a few others who commented, had another option to consider - 

They have "silent" firework shows that don't load the extra explosives to make the loud booms. Some of them are timed to music. I would prefer that.
Patrick M. brings in another perspective. He says -
All of it: drones, fireworks, pyrotechnics, lasers, and quality music from quality speakers. Bringing it all together makes for a hell of a show.

Nikki S
 writes -
The drones are pretty sweet. Dollywood did a huge show in 2021 with drones and I actually preferred that over the fire works because it was synched to music and the shapes were just amazing.
Well, I don't think drones are going to be the preferred choice anytime soon, but the popularity is gaining. I think a bit of both looks great, and of course, both are best with music accompanying the show.

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