Snowblind. That's just about where we all are this week. No denying that fact. When I first heard mentioned that we may have a winter weather event this week, I figured mabe half a foot or so max. Not a big deal. Well, we found out it was.

I've shoveled as much as I can. Now that the snow mixed with road salt has taken up residence in my driveway entrance and sidewalk, it's time to beg my neighbor to bring over his snowblower. I'm ready to open up my wallet for the convenience that's for sure.

So, while you are taking a break, looking over the awesome blogs and articles on our website, how about a couple songs with Snowblind in the title to enjoy? The first is from Styx, who recorded their Snowblind song in 1981 off the 'Paradise Theater' album. Yes, it's more about cocaine, but let's turn that around to snow for this time only.

Our second Snowblind offering comes from Black Sabbath. This version is found on 'Black Sabbath Vol. 4' which came out in 1972. Enjoy both and enjoy your winter weather experience this week as best you can!

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