Album number two from the Doors was titled 'Strange Days.' Wasn't most days for the band a bit strange?

Nonetheless, The Doors remain one of the best things to happen to the music world in my opinion. The album 'Strange Days', which came out in 1967, is no exception.

Love Me Two Times and People Are Strange both did well on the US singles charts, but my favorite song on the album is When The Music's Over. Of course, a song that comes in over ten minutes in length, is not going to be a single hit. Just look at Stairway to Heaven.

'Strange Days' was a national hit, topping out on the US album chart at number three, and is certified platinum. For this week's Classic Rock Pick, take a short break to enjoy the haunting sounds of When The Music's Over from Jim Morrison and The Doors performing at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968.

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