Like it or not, here it comes.

One of the reasons I like living in the Binghamton area is because we get to experience all four seasons. I will be honest with you, I wish Spring would start on February 1st. but that never happens. I really don't mind the snow its the cold temperatures that have me looking to the south  with envy. Once it gets below zero or a wind chill of zero or below, that sucks. When you walk outside and it hurts your face, It's TOO COLD. But, back to the snow. Again I really don't mind it. I have two snow blowers and once I get outside, I just keep going. If I have time, I usually make sure everyone on my block has their sidewalk and driveway cleaned. There are some elderly people in my neighborhood that would be outside shoveling otherwise. I really don't mind because I think it's an awesome workout. I just put in my earbuds, fire up the music and away I go. Am I weird that I like snow blowing? No really, I'm asking?

So, while most people bitch about the snow, as long as one of my two snow blowers start and I have a few hours to get the job done, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

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