Winter can’t seem to decide what it wants to do in the Southern Tier. Snow, no snow. Freezing cold temperatures, springlike temperatures. Even a surprise January thunderstorm. One thing forecasters can all agree on though is that cold temperatures are here to stay. At least for this week.

According to WBNG, the Southern Tier is in for daytime temperatures no higher than 33 this week, with nighttime lows hovering around the single digits.

Many think that if it’s going to be this cold there should be snow, but when can the Southern Tier expect to see a decent amount of snowfall? The answer might be only a few days away. Several forecasters believe that there is the potential for a decent sized winter storm this weekend.

Intellicast is watching for a potentially major winter storm this weekend and is predicting the biggest amount of snowfall, saying that at this time, the Southern Tier should expect 8 to 12 inches of snow Saturday into Saturday night and an additional 3 to 5 inches Sunday into Sunday afternoon. If their predictions are correct, that means we could see anywhere from 11 to 17 inches of snow by the time Sunday night arrives.

On the other hand, The Weather Channel is keeping their eye on the potential for a winter storm, but their estimated snow totals are much lower than those of Intellicast. The Weather Channel is predicting only an inch of snow on Saturday and 5 to 8 inches on Sunday, which is still a decent amount.

Accuweather isn’t committing to predicting Saturday snowfall totals. The only thing they’re saying for sure is that there is the “potential for a major winter storm” for both days this weekend. WeatherBug also isn’t committing to snowfall totals, but mirrors what Accuweather states, that again, there’s “potential for a major winter storm.”

Even the National Weather Service in Binghamton thinks something big might be headed our way. On their website, they write that "things could then get very interesting Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Sunday night as a potential winter storm approaches the area." The National Weather Service continues, "Its too early to pinpoint any specific, possible snow amounts, and there is even some potential for a wintry mix across portions of NE PA, depending on the track of the low. Snow ratios could be high in parts of the area with this type of set up...but again we will have to wait and see how this plays out. This period will certainly need to be watched very closely though as the potential for a plowable snowfall is increasing for much of our forecast area."

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