OK, I have my Baby Boomer hat on. It's time to go back to the time when life was better, or at least a lot more fun on a winter storm day.

As I look out my office window (yes I moved out of the basement into a first floor office with two windows) my thoughts are not what they used to be when I was a kid.

Back then, all this snow meant no school and a full day of sledding. Now I'm just thinking how difficult the ride home will be, whether I will be able to get my van up the driveway since it is on a 45 degree incline to reach a level carport, and how much of a pain it will be to shovel out the front and back steps, the sidewalk and the biggest pain the butt, the driveway.

Of course by the time I get home, the end of the driveway will have been plowed in several times with a nice mixture of packed snow and salt. I'm really looking forward to that challenge.

Fortunately, last year I traded a friend an air-conditioner for a small used snow plow he was no longer using. Hopefully that will make the end of the driveway a bit easier to tackle versus a shovel.

I'm reminiscing back to my younger days, when we would head over to my grandparents house, and sled on what was a dirt road with a really nice hilly portion to it next to my grandparents house.

We would get a nice ride out of that drop. And yes, even though it was a dirt road in the middle of nowhere with little to no traffic on a good day, we watched out for any vehicles before attempting to slide down the hill.

For me, those days are gone, left to the youth of today I suppose, but I will always have those memories. Oh yea, we had much bigger snowstorms back then, and we had to walk to school and back in most of them. Yep, just another Baby Boomer jab.

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