Who doesn't love a great guitar riff? It's what makes a song really shine, so that's what we've decided to highlight this weekend.

Earlier this week, Doug Mosher and I were sitting in our weekly 'what the hell are we gonna do for this weekend's theme' meeting, The Whale was playing Iron Man by Black Sabbath. After finishing a sip of beer, um, I mean sparkling water, Doug belted out a burp (I gave it a '6' on the Rictor Scale) and mentioned how awesome the guitar riff is in that song.

Simultaneously, we both looked at each other and exclaimed: "nailed it!" And thus another weekend theme was born. As long as I live, I will never understand how we do it. Pure genius, right?

There you go. Hourly double-shots each hour featuring rock songs with awesome guitar riffs. Again, that's how we roll.

Remember to take us wherever you go this weekend…you can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at 991thewhale.com, on your mobile phone with the new Whale App, and The Whale on radioPup!



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