Every year during the holiday season, my wife and I take a ride around the triple Cities to look at all the holiday decorations that are on display at area homes. We've seen some amazing displays.

It sure makes our display of a couple of strands of lights lined around our front door look pathetic. But the upside is, once the holiday season is over, it's a simple takedown of the lights.

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We try each year to pick different neighborhoods to check out, just to see what other homeowners have put up for holiday displays. And one of the things we notice during our travels, is the look of each neighborhood, including the style and size of the homes.

There are a lot of very nice homes throughout the Triple Cities, much nicer that where I live. With that, I took a look at what the highest-earning zip codes in the Broome and Tioga County areas are according to the website - Stacker from 2020.

Apparently, where I live, my zip code doesn't even rank in the top 10. Oh well, at least my taxes are lower than most. The five City of Binghamton zip codes didn't make it into the top 10 list either. The list was divided evenly between Broome and Tioga County zip codes.

For the complete list, visit the Stacker.com website. And now on to the list, beginning with zip codes in the Triple Cites area that did not land in the top 10:

Highest Earning Zip Codes From Broome and Tioga Counties

Highest Earning Brome & Tioga County Zip Codes

Highest Earning Brome & Tioga County Zip Codes

[via Stacker.com]

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