As I drive around the Triple Cities area every day, I tend to forget some of the beauty of our area. More specifically, I mean buildings that are architecturally beautiful. And I should be more aware since I originally pursuing a career in Architecture. Well, somehow that path went off the rails, but that's another story.

Our communities are rich with amazing architecture. And many buildings in the Triple Cities area are on the National Register of Historic Places. Each has a story to tell. If I counted correctly, in all of Broome County, there are about 50 which include not only buildings, carousels, cemeteries, and bridges as well on the list.

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For the City of Binghamton, just under half of all those places on the National Register of Historic Places lie within Binghamton. Some are occupied by businesses, government, entertainment, private residence, and places of worship.

Take a look and admire these Binghamton historic places. Some are just stunning, and all have made a historical impact on our community.

Binghamton Historic Places

Binghamton Historic Places

[via National Register of Historic Places]

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