I am not a lifelong resident of the Binghamton area. Well, I have lived here for 49 years total, so I like to think I'm somewhat of a long-time resident.

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There's a lot to learn about Binghamton and Triple Cities' past. I'm talking about history before I moved here. Our communities have quite a rich history and much to be proud of.

From time to time, I will search online, on social media, and on YouTube for things related to the history of our area, and have found quite a few interesting things. I wish I was here when the Triplets played at Johnson  Field in Jonhson City. When I travel through that area, I imagine what it looked like before Route 17 took over part of the land.

Even the look of the building that I work in, looked so much different back in the day (see below.) I would have loved to walk through the Arlington Hotel and just wander through the Downtown Binghamton streets with so many different buildings long gone.

Sisson Building
Trusted Postcards via ebay

Binghamton NY-New York, Sisson Bros Welden Co, c1923 Vintage Postcard via eBay.

It looks like where my office is in the former Sisson building, there was an entrance to the store on the State Street side. The front entrance (Court Street) was also moved. It's now on the right side of the building with a separate lobby before walking into the front office.

Binghamton Past
King Rose Archives via YouTube

I found an interesting video on YouTube from King Rose archives that gives us a bit of a look into Binghamton's past. It's titled 'Packer Dealer in Binghamton, NY.' The description of the video states that it's the Packard dealer, Merville Motor Car, with a look at the sales team and service staff.

Packard Dealer Binghamton
King Rose Archive via YouTube

You get to see some of Downtown Binghamton as well. I don't have a clue where this dealership was, do you? I believe this was taken in the 1930s. Love the vehicles in the video. There's no audio, but the video is worth a look. And you can see it below.

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