Does impatience increase as we age? I seem to be more impatient than I used to be. Standing in line at a store, waiting for a package to arrive that is taking longer than the estimated delivery date, or just sitting in traffic while the traffic light glows red for what seems to be an eternity.

I recently traveled to Florida, and being impatient again, I ran a light that had just turned red. Now I'm being impatient for the inevitable - a traffic ticket in the mail since the light had a camera which I'm sure took my picture and video. Totally my fault.

Speaking of traffic lights, I asked the question on social media, "In your experience, what Southern Tier traffic signal has the longest wait?" Well, the answers came in bunches. I knew it would strike a nerve with Southern Tier motorists. It seems that the Chenango Bridge area and the area around Binghamton University got a lot of responses.

Some answers were funny, like Craig M. who commented "The one I'm stopped at..." Good answer. Julia M. says "Whichever one I'm stopped at when I need to pee and any blinking red when I'm just out of work and my brain is fried." Completely understand.

Patrick B. says "Target/Arby's light. I was able to eat a whole beef and cheddar and half my fries before the thing changed one day. I'm not a fast eater." And a reply from my brother who accompanied me to Florida, responding with "They turn red pretty quick in Florida eh Don Morgan?" Well, yes, they do.

Here's a sampling of comments about some Southern Tier traffic lights that were mentioned as staying red too long:

  • Lee P. - Route 12A and Service Road.
  • Connie T. - Tompkins Street and Court Street.
  • Russ · Washington Avenue and North Street in Endicott. Good Luck making a right onto North Street.
  • Sandie J. - Upper Front Street/Fuller Road.
  • Jessie F. - Turning onto Conklin Ave from Mill street.
  • Nicholas B. - Vestal Parkway and Rano Blvd. Especially, if you are heading Eastbound and trying to make a left turn toward Lowes. It only seems to let 3 cars through before it changes.
Vestal Parkway & Rano Boulevard
Google Maps Street View
  • Jeffrey K. - Floral Avenue & Burbank Avenue in Johnson City.
  • Nicky K. - Definitely taking a left on 12A in Chenango Bridge from I-88.
  • Dave M. - Four corners in Vestal.
  • Mikel P.- Idk about the longest but I can tell ya every turning lane is long enough to get barely 5 cars through it.
  • Alan M. - Front St - Northgate Plaza.
  • Dave D. - Washington Ave onto North. Been a while though.
  • Mike P. - Henry Street turning Left on Brandywine.
  • Libbie H. - The one turning left out of SUNY Broome/Sheriff/Humane Society onto Front Street.
  • Tori W. - The one by Chenango Valley High School.
CV High School
Google Maps Street View
  • Carl T. - The one that lets you turn in to Binghamton University.
  • Jon K. - Harrison and Main Street in Endicott. Hands down.
  • Deanne T. - The unneeded light coming out of the empty Binghamton Plaza.
  • Celia C. - Bottom of Mill Street.
  • Steven M. - Sycamore Road in Vestal at the Vestal Parkway.
  • Chrissy H. Monroe and McKinley in Endicott.
  • Kristie Z. - This is funny cuz I say it every time I pull up. It's a toss-up between Vestal Road and Main Street and the light at the intersection at the Vestal Parkway and the road that connects Old Vestal Road and the Parkway.
  • Faith L. - Main Street Johnson City by the old Aldi's.
Johnson City
Google Maps Street View
  • Mike N. - Intersection by Wegmans.
  • Michael B. - The light by the old Kmart on West State Street Binghamton.
  • Karen M. - Ben Franklin Elementary School Binghamton Southside.
  • Jonathan R. - The ones where people aren’t paying attention to the light cause they’re on their phones. (We agree with you there, John!)
  • Greg V. - Every light in Owego. It takes longer to get through Owego than it does to get where you're going.
  • Tim C. - Was just back to the Southern Tier last year and I have to say “ALL OF THEM”. They are slow as molasses!
  • Aimee L. - T
    Vestal Road
    Google Maps Street View

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