From October 1961 to February 1966 we heard it straight from the horses mouth, and many young viewers believed he could actually talk.

The show was actually the very first show that was in syndication before CBS picked it up as a weekly prime time series.

I remember watching the reruns in the late 60’s and I thought he actually talked, until one day the guy who did his voice was on some TV talk show and I realized it was a fake.

He only talked to one person, his owner Wilbur, but the show had him calling people on the phone and wearing props like glasses and hats.

I especially loved the theme song that would start with his signature greeting followed by the lyrics ‘A horse is a horse of course, of course’…

The original Mr Ed horse was a Palamino named Bamboo Harvester, he died in 1970 at the age of 21, but he lives on through this magical sitcom.

This weeks ‘Throw Back Thursday’ memory is ‘Mister Ed’

Enjoy some show clips including the theme song and the original pilot below.

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