Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday. I lost my mother 13 years ago but I still think back to Mother’s Days gone by. I remember as a young kid in school making cards for our mothers. I sucked when it came to art (and still do). I can’t cut a straight line or color inside the lines to save my life. But every year we would make some kind of Mother’s Day art and my mom would pretend it was worthy of an art museum.


I remember winning her a lion’s head pin. I was so proud that I won it for her and again she made it seem like it was the nicest thing anyone ever got her. I remember seeing it when I got older and thought to myself, “my god that’s ugly”. Maybe that’s when she didn’t wear it much.


My mom was a saint. Being the youngest of seven kids we didn’t have a lot of fancy stuff growing up, but my parents made sure we had what we needed. My mom always put our needs ahead of her own. To me, that’s what a great mother does.


So happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and I hope you get some memorable presents this year.

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