Mother's day is this Sunday and it will be like no other in our lifetime. With social distancing still in effect due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people aren't going to be able to enjoy their typical Mother's Day traditions.

One the most popular Mother Day Traditions is to take mom out on Mother's Day for a Sunday brunch. With the restaurants in New York still being unable to open up their dining rooms, that's not possible this year.

You could always order food to go and deliver it to your mother's house, but you'll probably have to order ahead of time to get that. And if you are planning on getting your mother a present, with the stores in the area being closed, your options are limited. You're either going to have to order online and hope to get it delivered in time, or go a different route entirely.

A lot of nurseries in the Binghamton area are open so you can always get your mother some flowers or some plants for the house or the yard.

A lot of the florists in the Binghamton area are also open so you can have flowers delivered to your mother. But again, don't wait until the last minute because I don't think you can walk into a florist and just order flowers.

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Another option could be to call the restaurant that you usually take your mom to on Mother's Day and get a gift certificate and place that in a card as an I.O.U. Write in the card that you will take your mom for her typical Mother's Day brunch once the restaurant is open and seating customers again.

Whatever you do don't wait until Sunday to get Mom something or you will end up going to a convenience store, getting a scratch off ticket, a candy bar, and a Christmas tree air freshener. You know she deserves more than that, and I don't think she would ever let you live that down.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

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