What hasn't the year long pandemic made a mess of? It's caused postponements, cancellations, obviously illness and in many cases, much worse.

We've had to isolate from friends and family that are not immediate family. I haven't seen my brothers and sisters since Christmas 2019. I did get to see my mom last summer at my campground for a few hours. But that's only one visit since December 2019. That's way too long a time. Time you can't get back.

My mom lives about 80 miles away, and that's not a long trip by any means, but I don't get a chance to visit as often as I could if the miles were much less. We've kept in touch via phone calls often, but it's just not the same as being in person.

Same goes for my brothers and sisters. Since I moved to Binghamton almost 40 years ago, I see them maybe a couple times a year. It used to be more when we celebrated all of my nieces and nephews birthdays, but they are all grown and on their own now, so the trips home have diminished. I've commented to some of my co-workers who like me, don't have family living close by, that we know each other, more than we know our own families. That's a sad fact.

So, for me, and I can imagine for many others, with restrictions easing up and many people getting vaccinated, this year's Mother's Day will be more important that ever. A chance to get back home and visit mom. I plan on visiting my mom. We will probably gather outside and still exercise caution. My mom and all my siblings have been vaccinated, so that will make the visit even better.

It's time to get back with family. Happy Mother's Day.

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