I don't know about you but we ended up with twice as many trick-or-treaters last night than we usually get.

Yesterday, after I left work, I went home and Chris and I finished putting all our electric props under the tent in our front yard. The forecast was calling for rain so we figured we would put the tent up and sit under it so the kids didn't have to come all the way up to our door. Plus with all the props we have, we like setting them up outside. And the people walking around the neighborhood like it too because we get a lot of comments from both kids and parents about how cool it looks. (Keep scrolling for more and to see pictures)

Being that Halloween was on a Wednesday and there was rain in the forecast, we didn't think we would see that many trick-or-treaters. So we made 60 bags of candy and had some candy on reserve just in case.

We were set up and ready to go before 5 and the first 90 minutes were really slow. I think we had one trick-or-treater by 6:30. But then, it stopped raining and the floodgates opened with trick-or-treaters. We blew through those 60 bags of candy so Chris went inside and made 30 more using of the candy we had leftover downstairs.

We went through those 30 bags in about a half hour and we're just giving out mini candy bars when we realized we weren't going to have enough of those either. So I hopped in my car and I drove down to the Rite Aid down the street from our house and loaded up with two more huge bags of candy.

I ended up only opening one of those huge bags and that got us through the rest of the night. One of my friends and former co-workers and her daughter stopped by as we were taking down all our Halloween decorations.

They've stopped by every year for the past six years or so and we are wondering if they were going to show up. I'm sure her daughter was glad they did because we ended up giving her all the leftover candy.

We lost count along the way, but if I had to guess I would say we had at least 120 trick-or-treaters last night. The most we had prior to that was 70 and we usually average around 60 kids per Halloween.

Our friends who live down and around the corner from us were keeping count and they said they had over 220 kids.

How many trick-or-treaters stopped by your place last night?

Check out pictures of our set up last night.

Halloween at the Frees 2018


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