Finally, after two months of the Halloween season being present everywhere, the day is almost here. This year, I'm not planning on being home during the time of trick-or-treating, so if I find toilet paper strewn around the front of my house, it's my own fault.

During a conversation with some of my co-workers recently, someone brought up the subject of whether it's legal or not to have a carved pumpkin with a lit candle on your property in the State of New York. I'm thinking that's a silly question. My family always had one or two or more pumpkins on display at Halloween, lit by a candle.

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Legal Or Not?

So, I decided to check out any such nonsense. Well, according to an article from 2021 on the New York State Division of Consumer Protection website, there are a lot of topics on keeping safe during Halloween including health, pedestrians, drivers, costumes, treats, and decorations.

As I read over the topic of decorations, there was no statement of it being illegal to burn a candle in a carved pumpkin, but rather a strong suggestion not to do so:

Use battery-operated tea lights, LED lights, or glow sticks instead of an open-flame candle for your Jack-o-Lanterns. Keep your decorated Jack-o-Lanterns away from curtains, decorations, or other flammable objects that could be ignited. Do not leave an open flame candle unattended. Keep any candles or Jack-o-Lanterns away from landings or doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flames and place them on a sturdy table. - NYS Division of Consumer Protection

Staying Safe On Halloween

So, it's not illegal, but not a good idea, but if you do... I agree with the fact that a person's costume could brush up against a pumpkin with a lit candle could be an issue. And on that topic, one of the suggestions is for trick-or-treaters:

Look for fabrics labeled “flame resistant” such as nylon or polyester when purchasing costumes, beards, wigs, and masks. Flame-resistant fabrics are not flame proof but they will resist burning and can be extinguished quickly. -  NYS Division of Consumer Protection

For more safety suggestions, visit the New York State Division of Consumer Protection Halloween Celebration page.

[via New York State Division of Consumer Protection]
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