That's something I haven't done in a long time. I can't really even imagine how long it has been since I set a pumpkin down on the kitchen table and carved out a Halloween face.

Of course, over the past three decades, I haven't been home to spend Halloween, since I have been the DJ at area high school Halloween dances. This year, that streak ended unfortunately due to the pandemic.

So, maybe I should pick up a pumpkin and try to be creative with carving it into some sort of a Halloween theme. Why not, right? Well, if you know me, you know it would most likely be a disaster. I am not good at carving. But what If I was?

Maybe come up with a Southern Tier themed type Halloween pumpkin carving. Has anyone you know ever done that? Why not celebrate some of the important things to our area in a pumpkin carving. I can think of a few, but you might have to be a bit of a creative person to pull it off.

One that comes to mind would be a spiedie carving. Probably would be easier with a few meat chunks on a skewer, rather than on a slice of bread. Maybe a golf ball and club to honor the rich tradition of professional golf at Enjoie Golf Course.

I think a tribute to one of our professional sports teams or mascots would be cool, including the Binghamton Devils or Rumble Ponies. The mascots may be a bit tough to carve though, but not impossible for a talented person. Continuing on the sports theme, maybe your high school nickname would be a cool Halloween pumpkin carving.

If you are really good at carving, maybe the face of someone famous with ties to the Binghamton area. Richard Deacon, Thomas J. Watson and Rod Serling come to mind.

I think this would be a great contest to hold in the future with Halloween pumpkin carvings that have a Southern Tier theme. Maybe next year when things hopefully get back to normal, we should come up with a competition such as this. I bet we'd see some real creativity coming out of talented people in the Southern Tier. Do you agree?

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