Nobody knew what to expect this Halloween. I knew we would see some trick-or-treaters, but I didn't think we would see the amount of trick-or-treaters that we usually do. And I was right.

Saturday Chris and I set everything up in our front yard and sat outside and waited. We must have been outside for an hour and a half before we saw her first trick-or-treater. Almost two and a half hours in, we only had five trick-or-treaters, and four of them came from the house next door. They weren't going out trick-or-treating, they were planning on staying home and watching scary movies all night, but they came over and grab some candy from us.

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We were freezing sitting outside. We actually went inside after sitting outside for a few hours, and put our snow pants with bibs on to stay warm. Then we got a couple more groups of trick-or-treaters, but in total we only had 20 all night. A far cry from the 60 to 70 we get every year. In fact, as we're bringing everything inside, we only had a few more props left in the yard, a group of four teenagers were walking by. I actually met them at the front sidewalk and said “here, take some candy”. They weren't even planning on stopping at our house.

We also had four adults stop by on a golf cart. Sitting in the front yard it looked like a car coming down the sidewalk, but it turned out to be a golf cart with four adults on it that were just out riding around to see if anybody was out, and what people were doing. They complimented us on our yard ask how how many trick-or-treaters we had. We chatted for a little bit, the we asked them if they wanted candy? They said no thanks, we have beer. They each held up a can, I held up my beer, and Chris held up her drink, and we all say cheers, and then they continue down the sidewalk.

Friends of ours that live down along side En-Joie, said that they had 60 + kids stop by, and that they usually average around 100. Even though there weren't as many kids, and we froze our asses off, we still enjoyed our Halloween. I hope you did too.

Check out the  pictures from our house below.

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