Halloween is one of my wife's favorite days of the year. I like Halloween too, just not as much as Chris does.  We always go all out for Halloween. From the candy to the Halloween  decorations we have always tried to make lasting happy memories for the kids that pay us a visit.

Yesterday afternoon when I get home from work, Chris was already home decorating the front yard with cobwebs and some of our Halloween props, the ones that wont get ruined if they get wet. And looking at the forecast for Thursday night, it looks like we won't be able to use all of our Halloween props.

A few years back, we actually bought a hurry up tent just for Halloween to shelter our animatronics from the rain. When we first moved into our house, the front door was a pain in the ass to open. So instead of fighting with that all night long, we decided we would set up outside dressed in costume and have fun with the kids from the neighborhood.

Since then we have installed a new door that's much easier to open, but the tradition continues with us being set up outside for Halloween. When it's not raining and we can use all of our yard, our house is sometimes so spooky that kids will actually cross the street to avoid coming to our house.

Many times parents would have to hold their kids hands and come up to us to get candy. From skeletons that light up and scream, to hunting music and screams coming out of our house, jumping spiders, cauldrons and fog machines, plus having both of us dressed in Halloween costumes, I can see where kids might be a little timid walking up our sidewalk. But for the ones that are brave enough, we give them a full bag of candy.

Each year we buy an assortment of candy, and put 10 different candies in each bag to hand out to the little trick-or-treaters. The picture above is the candy that is in the bags this year. We spent about 45 minutes last night putting all the bags together, and with rain in the forecast, I don't think we will get as many visitors as we usually do. But, we always make sure to buy candy that we like as well, in case we end up with a lot left over.

So with the rain in the forecast it looks like we will be bringing the tent out again this year and only using some of our scary props.  But even just using about 1/3 of our props, we will still have some kids that will be too afraid to approach the tent. That just means more candy leftover for me.

Here's a video of what our house usually looks like when it's not raining and we can use our whole yard.

Jim Free Photo
Finished Bags Of Candy, Jim Free Photo