Yesterday the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce recognized The LUMA Projections Arts Festival with The Community Advocate of the Year award for 2017. That is a great honor for the LUMA who held its third annual festival on September 1st in downtown Binghamton. LUMA's organizers estimated that 35,000 people descended on downtown Binghamton to watch the short films, projected on historic landmarks in the heart of the Parlor City. I went to the first LUMA festival and I went to this year's event too. I was out of town last year when the second LUMA Festival was taking place or I would have gone to that one too.

It is a free event that's held every year in downtown Binghamton and it's pretty cool for a couple of reasons. It gives you a chance to enjoy Downtown Binghamton at night and again it's free. It also helps the businesses in Binghamton. I'm sure a lot of hotel rooms were booked the night of the event because of the Projection Festival and I know it helped local restaurants ring the cash register because my wife and I went out to dinner at a downtown restaurant with another couple before we went over to enjoy the Festival.

It's a unique event. Not many cities throughout the United States have anything close to this. So as time goes on, and the word continues to spread, hopefully, more people will travel to our area to check out the annual LUMA Festival.

Organizers are planning on holding the 4th annual event in September of 2018.

Check out the video below to see what LUMA is all about.

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