When you say the name "LUMA", most of us in the Southern Tier know what you're talking about. Now the rest of the country is finding out about this fantastic event that we have in downtown Binghamton.

Luma Festival Makes People Magazines "100 Reasons To Love America" in 2022 List

Congratulations to the LUMA Festival as it made People magazine's "100 Reasons to Love America in 2022" list. It came in at 42nd out of 100 and this is what they had to say.

"Video displays that make buildings come alive—like this fairy tale projected onto the Carnegie Library in Binghamton, N.Y., at a LUMA light festival—turn cities into canvases."
The LUMA Festival comes in between Nathan Chen's Historic Triumph at #41 and Five-Star Sauce at #43. Personally, I think the LUMA Festival deserves to be much higher, especially since The Benefits of Camping (13), Family Vacation (33), and Motels Are Cool (39) all came in higher.
Other "Reasons to love America" that made the top 100 list include Tiger Wood's Indomitable Spirt (37), Wordle (34), and An Antihero for the Heartland (Kevin Costner's Yellowstone 19)

People Magazines #1 Reason To Love America In 2022

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: The Jonas Brothers came in #1 on People Magazines Reasons to Love America in the 2022 list, do you agree?
The rest of the country will have a chance to find out what we already know when America's Premier Art Projection Arts Festival returns to downtown Binghamton. LUMA runs on September 9th and 10th from 8:30 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.
We can't wait until LUMA is here in September, and here are seven buildings that would lend themselves well to a LUMA projection. The more shapes and curves on a building, the better.
It's amazing what the LUMA artists can do to bring a beautiful building alive and make it into so many shapes.

Area Buildings Suited For LUMA Projection

Check out the gallery below and let me know if you agree that these buildings would lend themselves well to a LUMA projection.

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