Luma Festival

LUMA Announces 2019 Dates
America's premiere projection arts festival is staying in Binghamton for another year. LUMA took to their Facebook page today to announce this year's dates.
How to Become a LUMA Volunteer
LUMA is just days away, and Downtown Binghamton is about to transform into a whole different world. This amazing festival still needs your help! Find out how to volunteer here.
LUMA Wins Award
The LUMA Projection Arts Festival won the Community Advocate of the Year award on Tuesday. I think this is a much-deserved award and here is why.
My Labor Day Weekend
I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. For most of us, the next holiday weekend that we'll get work off for will be Thanksgiving. Here's how I spent mine.
Luma Festival Friday
This Friday Night was the annual Luma Festival in Downtown Binghamton. My wife and I went down to check it out. Here is his review as well as pictures.

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