The weekend is almost here. And this weekend will feature another major event. Summer is a great time in the Binghamton area with the Spiedie Fest and Ballon Rally, The Dick's Sporting Goods Open and of course, this weekend's big event - the LUMA Projection Arts Festival.

LUMA has grown each year since its inception in 2015, and its success has been measured by the thousands of people who come downtown to be wowed by the works of amazing artists, powerful projectors, and 3D animation.

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The 2022 LUMA Projection Arts Festival is Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th throughout the Downtown Binghamton area running continuously at various sites from 8:30 pm to 12:15 am, featuring nine spectacular events along with several after parties on Friday and Saturday nights.

It's one of those events that has to be seen in person to appreciate just how amazing this two-day event is. And speaking of some of the artists whose work you see at the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, check out some of the amazing past work from the 2022 LUMA artists through the video links, below.

The Fox, The Folks will be at 95 Court Street featuring JOY BOY. Check out their past projection called - Through The Night.

Playmodes presents HORIZON at the State Street Parking Ramp. Take a look at their past effort with BEYOND.

4U will be shown at 78 Exchange Street, presented by JULIA SHAMSHEIEVA / ANIMA LUX. Take a look at their past projection with EVERY BREATH.

MAXIN10SITY presents GATES OF ETERNITY at 49 Court Street. Here, is their performance of iMapp 555 Bucharest Building Projection Mapping.

MINDSCAPE STUDIO will be at 79 COLLIER STREET for DIVIDED. Take a look at their past projection called JOURNEY OF US.

LOS ROMERAS will present KISS IN COLOR at 65 Hawley Street. Here is a previous projection in Los Romeras, Spain.

Enjoy the works of  C999 at LUMA 2022 at 19 Chenango Street, called VULNUS. Previously, they did an amazing projection of VULNUS in Parma, Italy in 2020.

 Snow Raven will present at 42 Chenango Street, featuring NEOSHAMANISM: THE ARCTIC SIBERIAN SOUND JOURNEY.
Emerging Artists will present MURAL MAPPING at 84 Court Street. For more information about the 2022 LUMA Projection and Arts Festival, visit the LUMA website.

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