Can we get nostalgic for a minute or two? You may have guessed from some of my past articles that I am a movie fanatic. Movies are my place to get away from anything difficult that life throws at you, as least for a couple of hours anyway.

I subscribe to a couple of streaming services that specialize in movies, along with a box that probably has well over 10,000 movies to choose from. Sometimes it's just a good thing to relax, push aside reality for a short time and immerse yourself in a movie of your choice.

But as easy as it is to just turn on your TV and choose a movie, I do miss the days when we would hop in the car and take a drive to the local video store to browse for a movie or two to watch.

Especially on the day a highly anticipated new release hit the shelves. Must get to the video store before the limited number of VHS tapes or DVDs of the movie are gone for the evening.

Locally, I remember Video King, Hollywood Video, and Blockbuster. I'm sure there were others, but I just can't remember what they were. But, could one of them be making a return?

According to CBS News, (and I checked), the Blockbuster website has been reactivated. It has the Blockbuster logo along with this message: "We are working on rewinding your movie." So what does that mean? The CBS News website states that they have reached out for a response from Dish Network, the owners of Blockbuster since 2011, but no response as of this writing.

There is still one Blockbuster video store in operation, located in Bend, Oregon, and Netflix created a fictional series in 2022 about the last remaining Blockbuster, which I watched, and enjoyed, but it was canceled after just one season.

So, is something on the horizon for the brand?  We don't know yet, and I guess we'll have to wait and see. Would you go back to a video store to rent movies if it were a choice again in the Southern Tier?

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