For some reason, I've been enjoying reminiscing back over the years I've been in Binghamton. While I am hesitant to admit it, since I'm not originally from the Binghamton area, I've lived here for over 40 years. How many years must one live in a community to officially call it their home? I think I've earned my stripes.

One thing that caught my eye, was a YouTube video from Binghamton Broadcasters, highlighting the many years of television broadcasting on WBNG-TV 12.

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One of the segments toward the end of the video is of an event on the campus of Binghamton University, or as it was referred to back then, SUNY Binghamton. Over the years I've been here, we've participated in many events put together by the campus fraternities and sororities.

Check out the WBNG-TV 12 memories from the YouTube video below. The Sigma Phi Epsilon segment begins at 1:00:23.


One such event is highlighted on the WBNG-TV 12 video, as reported by anchor Jim Matthews on a story from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity during their annual 24-hour run around the campus to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The fraternity raised over 2000 dollars during the event in 1986.

24 hours later, when all had crossed the toilet paper finish line, the question was asked what's next? The answer was a resounding "Party!" Well deserved.

I can't count the many times, local residents would give less than flattering comments about the campus community, but the young adults I met were mature and dedicated to giving back to the community through fund-raising events.

[via YouTube - Binghamton Broadcasters]

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