I had zero expectations for the Super Bowl this year. My team wasn't playing, the commercials have been kind of so-so for the last couple of years, and I'd had a few really exhausting days and so my head was really only thinking about going to bed.

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We were having trouble watching the game because the CBS app went down and I was just about to call it a night when my husband pulled the game up on his cell and got it to show on our big tv.

And then, it happened.

Almost like a message from heaven sent down just for me, as soon as the screencast of the game showed up on our big tv, a commercial began and I decided to stick around long enough to watch a couple of the commercials.

Right before my eyes “Flat Matthew,” appeared on the screen showing Matthew McConaughey as a 2D version of himself...until he munched on a Doritos 3D. A DORITOS 3D!

Doritos 3D came out in 1998 when I was 18-years-old and was discontinued in 2000. I am 40-years-old and have waited literally half my life and my entire adult life for this product to return. No, you don't understand. Doritos 3D are my absolute favorite snack in the history of my life.

I couldn't get up off the couch fast enough to jump up and down and squeal. Me, a 40-year-old woman stunned my husband and son into silence with my gleeful dancing. My husband roared with laughter when he finally understood what was making me so happy and told me that in the 14 years I've been in his life, I've mentioned no less than 730 times (that comes out to once a week, by the way) how much I've missed Doritos 3D.

I feel like a teenager again. First, Surge was brought back, and then DunkAroos, and now Doritos 3D. If only Savage Garden would get back together. By the way, I was wrong to assume the commercials would be a bit bland this year. There actually some pretty funny ones.

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