Built over 50 years ago, in 1970, demolition on downtown Binghamton's Water Street parking ramp is scheduled to begin after the Christmas holiday.

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In the last several years, the Water Street parking ramp which is attached to the Boscov's store, has been crumbling to put it simply. In August of 2006, a 7,000 pound slab of concrete broke off from the parking ramp's exterior and smashed into a trailer which was located near the Boscov's loading dock.

Since the slab of concrete fell, the garage has continued to see deterioration and in September of 2021, Binghamton Mayor Richard David approved for the existing ramp to be demolished and a new ramp to be built in its place.

Bob Joseph
Bob Joseph

The new plans for the Water Street parking ramp will come at a total cost of 48 million dollars. The  new parking ramp will be five stories tall and then a five story housing unit will be built on top of the ramp. The new parking ramp will hold 549 parking spaces and the housing unit will hold 122 apartments.

The cost for demolition of the existing parking garage, construction of the new garage, and a geotechnical study and foundation work will cost 23 million dollars. The construction of the five story housing unit will cost 25 million dollars. Combined, everything is expected to equal 48 million dollars in costs.

Frank Palmisano is a Binghamton area local who hosts a channel on YouTube which features a variety of videos from around Broome County. On December 18, 2021, Palmisano uploaded a video after he took one final drive through the Water Street parking ramp. This is Palmisano's video tour.

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