1969. What was going on in your life that year? If you reply "I wasn't born yet", thanks for making me feel just a bit older. Although mentally, I act like an adolescent.

Getting back on track, that was an important year for a band called Led Zeppelin. In the United Kingdom, their first LP landed on the album chart, and spent several months there.

It was just a few days later the album found its way on the U.S. charts and also spent quite a bit of time in the Top 200. That first album is considered one of the best rock debuts ever.

I was going to list a few of the better songs on the album, but damn, they are all gems in my book. I do have a bit of a preference for Your Time Is Gonna Come and I Can't Quit You Baby.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick, I've chosen a video for you to enjoy showing Led Zeppelin performing I Can't Quit You Baby from a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.


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