After a long day at work, I like to find things to do as a way to wind down and decompress. Lately, I'm find it harder to find those 'things.'

During the winter months, because we don't have as much daylight, I tend to go to bed earlier, so I don't have as much idle time. A couple things I like to do when I'm not listening to the radio, are watching a few TV shows, movies or playing a video game. Even though I tend to think playing an intense video game takes away stress, it actually does the  opposite. I get too much into these games and I imagine it only brings up my stress level.

I'v been playing video games since 'Pong' came out in 1972. At that time my friends and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Little did we know where the video game industry would take us.

Recently, my video game player stopped reading the discs. Since there are no screws around the cover, I checked out a few online videos to learn how to open it up and clean the laser lens from any dirt or dust, since that's probably why the game console is no longer reading any discs.

Well, that didn't go too well. I was successful getting the cover off the console, but not before breaking off some of the plastic. Beyond that, there were a ton of screws to take out, and the video warned that if I wasn't very careful, I could do permanent damage to the system.

So I gave up, and put everything back together. I tried once again to get the console to read a disc, but now it wouldn't even recognize my remote controller, no matter what I tried to do, including replacing the batteries and re-syncing up the console with the remote controller. That meant bye bye to playing video games. Buying a new console is not an option at this point. Maybe I'll search for a used one later in the fall. For the long winter ahead, I will need my fix of video game action.

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