Over the weekend, I was trying to to a lot of nothing since I was feeling a bit under the weather. I watched a couple of college football games on Saturday even though I have little interest in college football this year. I like to root for the Syracuse Orange, but you know how those games usually turn out.

On Sunday, I decided to watch the 0-11 New York Jets host the Las Vegas Raiders at Metlife Stadium. Every time there was a wide shot of the stadium, it looked so weird with no fans in the stands. I wonder how that affects the players performance, if at all? I would imagine that no home town crowd cheering during the game, especially during a touchdown would make some sort of a negative impact.

So, I figured the Raiders, who had a much better record would blow past the Jets, but that wasn't the case. It was a tie score after the first quarter and the Raiders were only up by 4 at the half. It's so weird calling them the Las Vegas Raiders after being in Oakland for so many years.

After the Raiders took a 24 to 13 lead into the forth quarter, I figured the Jets were well on their way to 0-12. But no! The Jets crawled back into the game and took the lead with just over 5 minutes to go in the game. And they held on until 13 seconds to go when the Raiders scored a touchdown on a very long pass. That final five minutes of game play drove me crazy.

I was so upset. And I'm not a Jets fan. Just wanted to see the team score a win for once, and especially since they came so close to it. Oh, well, maybe they will beat Seattle this weekend. The Giants did last weekend, and that was a game that also rattled my nerves until the very end, but that outcome was much better.

The fact that the Giants are tied for 1st in the NFC East with Washington (boo - Washington beat previously undefeated Pittsburg Monday night and I didn't like that), is a blessing considering the Giants started the season at 0-5. I'll be watching their matchup on Sunday against the Cardinals ready to get stressed out again.

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