Do less, get more done! That sounds like an oxymoron but believe it or not it's true. No matter where you are working from, take a step away from your desk to increase your productivity...and your mood.

How To Control, Contain and Conquer Your Stress

Take little you-time breaks

Taking a few minutes for yourself can cut your work stress and help improve your mood which will help you be more efficient. I've found this to be very effective for me, when I find myself stuck in my own mind, I take a moment to give myself a mental break.

Suddenly my train of thought is back on track and I'm ready to roll. CHOO CHOO, get out of my way because I'm ready to go with a new attitude. I find that it helps me physically too, my head and even my shoulders stop bothering me.

Don't do work e-mail after work hours

I realize that sometimes this can't be avoided but if you find yourself waiting for that "ping" at home, everyone including your family is affected. They even have a term for it, "anticipatory stress."

It's important to try to keep your family and work life in some kind of balance, even if it isn't 50/50. In the long run, it benefits everyone including your boss at work.

Use your vacation days

Over half of us don't use all of our vacation days and most of us don't get paid for our unused vacation days so...USE YOUR VACATION DAYS! If you don't use your vacation days, don't try to make yourself out as a martyr to your co-workers.

I know how important your job is to you but as the saying goes, "Don't kill yourself for a job that will have you replaced within 2 weeks if you drop dead." Remember that your job will be probably be posted before your obituary.

Here are some other ways to chase away your stress or just look below.

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