Job burnout. It is a very real thing and if you feel like you’re suffering from it in silence, all alone, maybe you’ll take some comfort in knowing that you are not.

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Millions and millions of Americans held on to hope that with a new year would come some of the relief from the stress that’s been suffocating them since the coronavirus pandemic began and yet we’re a month in and for many, it feels like the stress has only increased.

In a survey by Fishbowl, participants were asked “Has working from home during the pandemic caused you to experience workplace burnout?” Not surprisingly, 68 percent of people said it has and of those 68 percent, 39 percent said the stress was so awful that even in this world filled with uncertainties, they just couldn’t take it anymore and quit their job to find another, less stressful one.

In New York, 1852 working people answered the Fishbowl survey and 80 percent of them say they agree with others from around the country. They too are suffering from burnout.

When Fishbowl took a deeper look into the industries suffering most from burnout, it came as no surprise that healthcare workers were overwhelmingly burned out with 83 percent saying so. Other industries struggling with feeling like they’re drowning at work were HR, accounting, finance, and management consulting.

While you might not have control over the stress you're dealing with at work (because often, workplace stress is a direct result of the actions of others), there are some things that you can do to help make sure that you stay in good mental health and they come to us courtesy of Mental Health America, which is a wonderful source of information if you want to research ways to boost your mental health.

Ten Super Easy Ways To Give Your Mental Health a Boost

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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