While the Super Bowl was over a month ago and the New York Giants weren't one of the two teams vying for the winning title, fans are still feeling the lingering stress from the team's 2021-2022 NFL season.

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If you're a New York Giants fan, there's no doubt that you'll be nodding your head in agreement with the findings of the Action Network took a look at which NFL teams were the most stressful for fans to support during this last football season.

The Action Network used a variety of metrics to gauge which NFL team gave its fans the most heart palpitations. To come to the conclusion, they factored in things such as losses, win percentages, close wins, close losses, penalties per game, giveaways per game, negative comments, and more.

Action Network reached the conclusion that the Baltimore Ravens gave their fans the most stress during the last football season. It was an emotional year for Baltimore Ravens fans and the team found themselves the unlucky recipient of the second-highest number of negative comments on social media. The only other NLF team that had more hate spewed at them from fans was the Las Vegas Raiders.

What does this have to do with the New York Giants? Well, the New York Giants found themselves with some of the worst win percentages, and that coupled with the Giants’ super irritating number of giveaways per game which was 1.8, the highest in the league, helped the New York Giants land at number two on the list of most stressful NFL team to support in the 2021-2022 football season.

Rounding out the top five most stressful teams are the Detroit Lions at number three, Cleveland Browns at number four, and Las Vegas Raiders at number five.

The NFL teams that inflicted the least amount of stress on fans during the 2021-2022 season were, in order, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, and Los Angeles Rams.

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